What Arborists Really do

What Does an Arborist do For Your Trees

An arborist by definition is a learned and trained professional that specializes in the art and science of tree maintenance, caring and plantation of new ones for a healthier environment. However, the process of hiring a tree surgeon should not be taken lightly as proper tree care is considered to be an expensive investment, which can lead to substantial returns. In fact, trees that are well cared can add a considerable value and beauty to your property. The process of pruning and removal of diseased branches from the trees can be a dangerous process, which if not done professionally can damage your efforts. Therefore, Tree work should only be carried out by trained and qualified experts that can work safely with your trees.

Some of the services offered by an Arborist are:

Emergency tree care

Many times, you might have noticed that heavy rainfalls and storms cause the branches or entire trees to fall. Moreover, the weight of the trees damaged by storms is heavy, which can be quite dangerous to remove or trim. With such kind of emergency requirements, an arborist can assist in performing the job in a safer manner while reducing the risk of damage to your property. It is also suggested to consult these professionals about the types of trees that can be appropriate for a specific location. Since most of the trees are prone to getting diseased due to limited growth options, consulting them can be a great idea.


Although, removal of trees is the last option considered by a tree surgeon, there are certain circumstances when it becomes necessary. These professionals can help you in deciding whether or not the tree should be removed. This process is usually carried during the following instances:

-The tree has become dead
-The tree is causing harm to other neighbor trees
-It is causing an obstruction, which ‘s hard to correct through pruning
-It is irreparably hazardous

Some other services that are offered by arborists are:

*Plant health care – This is a process of preventive maintenance to keep the trees in good health, which will further help the tree to defend itself against various diseases, insects, and site problems.
*Bracing or cabling to support trees with weaker branches.
*Spraying and disinfecting the trees to protect them from insect and disease problems.
*Aeration for improving growth of the roots.

While hiring a level 5 arborist, it is essential to check their membership with professional organizations. Membership with these organizations demonstrates a willingness on the part of an arborist to stay updated on the latest techniques of arboriculture. Moreover, search for only certified arborist as it helps in judging the knowledge of an individual, but cannot ensure a quality performance. Experienced professionals can assist you with dedicated services as they understand the requirements of the customer to provide a solution that suits everyone’s satisfaction.

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