Repairing Hardwood Floors

How to Repair Your Hardwood Floor

Everyone must agree that hardwood floors when newly laid or kept in great condition are very beautiful and add value to your home. A good hardwood floor brightens any room up giving it instant character. But how do you repair them when scratches or major problems develop from normal use over time?

This short article will provide you with some tips on how you can keep your hardwood floor looking good.

The first tip is if you installed the floor yourself or had it installed you should keep some boards for these just in case situations. Having some extra pieces will save you time and money as you do not have to run all over town looking to see who carries the brand you use and if they have the right stain color o match your scarred floor.

The next tip is if you do not have any extra pieces left over you need to find which building supply company carries your exact same flooring. You need to be aware that these building supply businesses may have a minimum purchase and you will end up with more than you need. That will be okay as you never know when you will need extra floor boards.

Number three, check the size of lengths of your existing floorboards. You will want to continue the pattern and you will have to mark and cut your boards at lengths that match your current design. You will want your floor to look normal and not patched.

You can mark the damaged boards using a square and a utility knife, going as deep as you can. Then cut them using a good sharp wood chisel. They should come free quite easily. Replace the damaged boards with cut to size new ones. Be careful that you do not use glues or epoxies s these materials will create a dead spot in your floors. Finishing nails sited for the floor boards is sufficient.

To fix scratches all you need is a little steel wool for small no to deep scratches. For deeper ones, you can use sandpaper. Just make sure you sand or wipe the floor WITH the grain. Going against the grain will cause more scratches and ruin your floor.

Rub the area with mineral spirits to clean up the spot and remove any sand or dust that remains, then get some wood filler that matches the color of your floor and fill in the scratches. Once the filler dries you can sand the area smooth then seal it with some varnish.

There you have it a quick easy way to fix your hardwood floors.

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